Our skilled production team routinely handles acrylics, polycarbonates, polystyrenes, polarizers, Mylar®, Zeonex® and many other polymer materials. Process temperatures are available below 50°C. We coat unusual shapes such as visors, polygons and other injection-molded components. These coated components are used in biomedical devices, lighting, scanning, display, projection and numerous other low and high volume applications where light weight and low cost are important. Contact us to discuss your next development project.

The following links illustrate many of our typical designs for your Plastics and Molded Polymer Optics:


AR Coatings (300nm – 2000nm)

High performance broadband to super low designs for medical devices, display windows, Fresnel windows, precision polymer optics and many more.
Typical Plastic & Polymer AR (Anti Reflection) Designs


Metal Mirror Coatings (Ultraviolet to far Infrared)

ECI deposits protected, overcoated and enhanced Metal Mirrors. Designs include Aluminum and Gold for front and back surface reflections. In accordance with MIL-M-13508C.
Typical Metal Mirror Designs


Dielectric Mirror Coatings

ECI’s low-temperature dielectric mirror coatings designed for direct deposition onto plastics, polymer optics and other temperature sensitive optics.
Typical Dielectric Mirror Designs


Transparent Conductive Coatings

ITO (Indium-Tin-Oxide), Transparent Gold, and other Anti-Static Coating Designs for Touch Panels, Laminated Display Packages, CRT faceplates for RFI/EMI shielding, and other laser window applications that demand environmental stability. Coatings are deposited to customer specified ohms per square. Custom Anti-Reflective coatings enhance the electrically conductive ITO film.
Typical Transparent Conductive Designs


Beamsplitter Coatings (240nm – 2000nm)

Dielectric and Metal Beamsplitter designed to separate incoming light into two components consisting of reflected and transmitted beams. All coatings are optimized to meet customer specific requirements including ratio of reflected versus transmitted light, AOI, wavelength region, polarization and incident medium.
Typical Beamsplitter Designs


Attenuation Coatings

Thin film coatings designed to reduce or remove excess energy in an optical system.
Typical Attenuation Designs


Metal and Dielectric Depositions

Selection of coating materials deposited to your specified target thickness.
Typical Metal and Dielectric Deposition Designs


Custom Optical Filter Coatings

Bandpass, Broadband Pass, Long Wave & Short Wave Pass, Dichroic, Rejection, Edge Pass and Neutral Density Filters. Optical Filters deposited with Ion Beam Sputtering Leybold APS and IAD Deposition.
Typical Custom Optical Filter Designs


Contact our design team to discuss your specific Optical Coatings for Plastic and Molded Polymer Optics application!