Ion Beam Sputtering Coating (IBS), deposits or sputters a thin film, while using an ion source, onto your targeted material (either metal or dielectric) to create a dielectric or metallic film. Since an ion beam is mono-energetic and collimated, it creates very precise control over the thickness of the film.

A typical configuration of the IBS systems is the substrate, a target, and a gridded ion source. With the ion beam being focused on a target material, and a nearby substrate being the sputtered target material.

The Main Advantage of Ion Beam Sputtering Coatings

One of the advantages of IBS is the control you get of several parameters. These include, ion current density, ion energy, and the angle of incidence to help with the control of film microstructure. This is the main advantage and difference of the sputtering processes, which makes IBS a great choice for any challenging applications you may have!

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