ECI offers both Metal and Dielectric Beamsplitter coatings for use in the 240nm – 2000nm wavelength region. Designs are optimized for specific reflection and transmission ratios, wavelength region, angle of incidence, polarization state, incident medium and the temperature sensitivity of your optical component. Low temperature designs are available for components that require processing at temperatures below 50°C!

Metal and Dielectric Beamsplitter designs are available for deposition onto various types of optical materials including: glass, plastics, molded polymer optics, semiconductor materials, fibers, and fiber optic devices.

Applications include medical imaging, laser alignment, laser attenuation, sensors, Heads-up displays and fiber optic devices.



ECI manufactures durable, non-absorbing dielectric beamsplitter coatings that resist fluctuations in performance under challenging environmental conditions.

Low temperature designs are available for components that require processing at temperatures below 50°C. These coatings are ideally suited for molded polymer optics, metal TO caps with glass windows and bare or terminated fiber ends. These designs are applied with tremendous energy resulting in dense films that resist moisture and have excellent environmental properties!

All coatings are optimized to meet your specific requirements. Common designs include the following ratios of reflectance and transmittance: 50/50, 30/70, and 5/95. ECI also designs low polarization dielectric beamsplitters for applications that require minimization of the s-plane and p-plane reflection and/or transmission split produced by an incoming beam of light at a 45° incident angle.

ECI will also design a maximum performance dielectric coating for use on plate beamsplitters or cemented cubes. Custom anti-reflection (AR) coatings can be deposited on entrance or exit faces to maximize performance.

Contact our design team to discuss your exact optical requirements and receive theoretical curves of possible designs for your consideration. We can expertly craft any beam splitter polarization requirement.

ECI’s Dielectric Beamsplitter Coatings on glass meet the severe environmental requirements of MIL-C-48497.

Contact our design team to discuss your specific Beamsplitters application!