A Brief Guide to Thin-Film Optical Filters

What Are Thin-Film Optical Filters? Thin-film optical filters are optical devices consisting of alternating thin layers of specialized optical coatings deposited onto a substrate (e.g., optical glass). The coating layers alter the refractive index of the substrate, changing the direction of the various wavelengths in incoming light as it passes through one layer to the […]

A Brief Guide to Beamsplitters

Click to expand What Is a Beamsplitter? Beamsplitters—also referred to as beam splitters or power splitters—are optical devices designed to split incident light into two or more separate beams. They can also be used in reverse to combine two or more separate beams into a single one. Some of the key properties to keep in […]

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IR Bandpass Filters

IR bandpass filters are those that are used within the infrared region which is usually […]