ECI‘s coating designs can be optimized for maximum performance from the 200nm – 2500nm wavelength region. Specify your particular wavelength range, angle of incidence, substrate index of refraction, incident medium and polarization requirements to ensure maximum transmission for your system. Designs include V-coats, broadband, super broadband, dual band and narrow band coatings.

Glass Anti-Reflection coatings are utilized in a variety of applications. It is very common for these coatings to be used in laser applications. In such cases, they will need to meet or exceed certain LDT ( Laser Damage Threshold ) requirements. ECI primarily uses Ion Beam Sputtering ( IBS ) or Electron Beam ( E-Beam ) to deposit AR coatings that must withstand high power lasers. ECI deposits High Power Glass AR coatings on various substrates including: Glass/Fused Silica windows, lenses and wafers, Fiber optic cables and assemblies, LBO, BBO, KTP, TGG, GGG, BiG, and Silicon wafers.

Designs are RoHS compliant.

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