Contact our design team to discuss your specific requirements including: substrate material, percent reflectance, angle of incidence, polarization state and incident medium. Typical designs are suitable for applications from 248nm – 2500nm.

ECI’s Dielectric Mirror Coatings meet the durability and environmental requirements of MIL-C-48497; Dielectric Mirror Coatings on glass and other substrates that withstand elevated temperatures meet the environmental and durability requirements of MIL-F-48616.

Samples and theoretical design curves available upon request!

ECI will also deposit your proprietary thin film mirror design.


High Laser Damage Threshold Highly Reflective

Wavelength LDT* Pulse width
355 nm 2 J/cm2 20 ns
532 nm 6 J/cm2 20 ns
1030 nm 0.47 J/cm2 319 fs
1064 nm 40 J/cm2 20 ns

*Typical values verified through independent test laboratories. Actual LDT performance is dependent on substrate selection, surface preparation, and system design.


Contact our design team to discuss your specific Dielectric Mirror coatings for Glass Substrates application!